The Launch of AYANA Segara Bali

DATE: November 29, 2022 / VENUE: AYANA Segara, Bali

For the launch of new property of AYANA Hospitality, KITASATUBALI was appointed to design the event flow and resort inauguration. Selections of local and national talents were brought in to create the event ambience. That includes Jakarta Artistic Swimmers, who beautifully did synchronised swimmings in the pools and mesmerised the audience.

The event was also to celebrate 26th anniversary of AYANA Resort Bali.

In line with our mission to celebrate art, especially contemporary Indonesian art, we also brought in Made Wiradana, a renowned Balinese fine artist. He performed live art to commemorate 26th anniversary of AYANA.


AYANA Hospitality


  • Creative concept
  • Show management
  • Artists curator
  • Talent management
  • Event production

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