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Adidas Greater China 2015

  • Adidas-flowerboard
  • Adidas Cocoon-Ambience
  • Adidas-Cubes
  • Adidas Pillow-BrandingAdidas Pillow-Branding
  • Adidas-Oscar-foodtray
  • Adidas-golden-models
  • Adidas 3D-adidas
  • Adidas-rose-clapper
  • Adidas-VIP-diningtable
  • Adidas LED-wall
  • Adidas-outdoor-flags
  • Adidas Cocoon-entrance
  • Adidas Circle-Band-Adidas
  • Adidas Console-Table
  • Flower board, standee and photo wall at entrance of Cocoon Beach Club, Bali
  • Ambience at Cocoon Beach Club, Bali for Adidas Greater China Party.
  • Pillow and cubes production for Adidas
  • Production of Oscar-themed food tray centrepiece
  • Oscar-themed centrepiece with gorgeous red roses
  • Dining table for VIPs of Adidas Greater China, great set up by Cocoon Beach Club, Bali
  • Stage set, using LED wall pitch 3.9mm, size 4m x 3m
  • Outdoor branding using Balinese-style vertical flags
  • Entrance area of Cocoon Beach Club, Bali
  • Circle Band, amazing vocals and interactive act on stage.
  • Console table

Referred by their sister company, Uniplan Shanghai worked with KSB Indonesia for this important event of Adidas Greater China.

The event was at Cocoon Beach Club, Bali on December 4, 2015. Client booked the overall restaurant and turned it to be Adidas Greater China Party, with Oscar party as the theme. 

MD of Adidas Greater China, Mr. Collin Currie was the dinner MC, leading the evening as presented awards for the employee. 



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