Saudi Banks Joint Reception 2018

DATE: October 13, 2018 / VENUE: Inaya Putri, Nusa Dua, Bali

The event was a collaboration between Bali and Jeddah, with about a year of coordination between KITASATUBALI and Likwid Marketing Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Banks Joint Reception as one of side events during IMF-WBG AM 2018, was held at Inaya Putri, Nusa Dua. The decor and elements were designed to highlight the objective of this event and the nuance of Saudi Arabia. However with the fact there is no rigging points at the ballroom of Inaya Putri, we designed and produced special canape tables with small rigging tower to put profile lights. The purpose was to highlight one large backdrop where the 12 Chairmen of Saudi Banks welcomed and greeted their guests.


Likwid Marketing, Saudi Arabia


  • Build & construction
  • Design & decor

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